Sewage Effluent Test and Sampling

Wastewater can originate from multiple sources, including domestic residences, commercial properties, agricultural activities, manufacturing, and the oil and gas industries. Identifying these sources and preventing the pollution of the surrounding water and soil requires a systematic and strategic process of evaluation. At ALANFAL, we ensure your business is not contributing towards the pollution or contamination of the environment. We do this through our effluent sewage sampling and testing services where our experts conduct an analysis of the wastewater and monitor all effluent discharges into the environment. ALANFAL has a rapidly growing team of engineers and scientists, as well as partnerships with Authorized Local and international Water and Wastewater Test Laboratories.

Our sewage effluent test and sampling services include:

● Creating an effective monitoring program for Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

● Testing of effluent samples

● Establishing an integrated effluent testing and sampling solution for any kind of project or plant that complies with local and international regulations

Soil Characterisation and Testing

ALANFAL-EWM is the leading soil characterization and testing services provider in Iraq and has conducted hundreds of soil sampling tests using the latest diagnostic tools in our state-of-the-art laboratory. We can carry out traditional and advanced soil sampling services for this process to be executed effectively.

This starts with the identification of application rates of waste materials harmful to the environment followed by engineering, geochemical, and ecological investigations.

Our technicians will:

● Extract relevant information regarding the mineral profile of the soil by focusing on hazardous compounds and contaminants

● Recommend what testing and sampling can help identify and characterize the soil’s contamination levels

Groundwater Testing and Analysis

Groundwater systems are vulnerable to pollution from both synthetic and natural hazardous substances. Chemical and oil spills, leaking storage systems, and natural hazards such as minerals and bacteria can contaminate drinking water if not adequately managed.

At ALANFAL we help identify regulated and non-regulated compounds of concern. Our groundwater analysis services are designed to help protect human populations and the environment while adhering to regulatory compliance. This is done via a full range of groundwater analysis and testing services using accredited local and international laboratories.

You can expect our team to:

● Help identify and analyze any existing problems in the groundwater resources

● Establish the necessary monitoring and sampling programs to guarantee the water is safe for consumption, especially portable water systems

● Continuously monitor the groundwater over time - creating an auditable record for demonstrating compliance and determining the presence of pollutants

● Carry out treatment system audits and tests to determine the current solution’s efficacy

● Assist in any groundwater or well testing in Iraq

Air Quality Monitoring and Analysis

At ALANFAL, our services are catered to monitoring air quality levels and recording the range of pollutants in your industrial atmosphere. This is because we believe air quality analysis is important wherever emissions enter the atmosphere, especially in the oil and gas industry.

We conduct our analysis by comparing existing air quality with the relevant criteria. This helps a project or facility demonstrate compliance with the applicable regulations. We also assist with establishing the necessary controls needed to monitor the air quality before and after and measure the effectiveness of the implemented solutions.

Here are the services we provide:

● Assistance with ambient, and outdoor air quality testing and monitoring

● Provision of air quality modeling services

● Establishing of design controls and a continuous monitoring program

● Provision of air quality stations (fixed or mobile), all the required spares, consumables, routine services, periodic maintenance, and calibration of the equipment.

Waste Management Equipment Design and Supply

ALANFAL-EWM can design and supply waste management equipment for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste, whether liquid or solid. We can take care of all your waste management needs. We work with any size of the business, can handle any volumes, and develop a waste management program that helps you realize your ‘zero-to-landfill’ goal.

ALANFAL-EWM will assist projects by:

● Supplying full warranties on all waste management equipment

● Developing comprehensive waste management programs

●Providing the necessary training, conducting risk assessments, and documenting the method statements for all processes

Managing waste effectively depends on reliable equipment, integrated system design, and regular monitoring and maintenance. ALANFAL-EWM has the expertise to ensure your waste management program complies with local and national requirements.

Waste Facility Design and Construction

By designing a waste management program early in the project life cycle, companies can reduce the total operating cost of their facility. ALANFAL-EWM assists with waste facility design and construction. The effective management of waste and responsible use of resources remains a global priority. ALANFAL-EWM uses a network of global partners to develop solutions integrated with the latest technologies. We combine our local insight with international best practices to design and construct effective waste management systems.

Our engineers can:

● Develop strategic waste management plans, including the design, construction, operation, and closure of landfills

● Design and build recycling plants, transfer stations, and disposal systems

●Provide environmental advisory services, business case modelling, and project management solutions ALANFAL-EWM has expertise in both municipal and industrial hazardous and non-hazardous waste management. With an integrated design for new developments, we can identify opportunities that enable a sustainable waste management program

Waste Transportation Solutions

Transporting waste (hazardous and non-hazardous) is an environmental responsibility that helps keep human populations and the environment safe. ALANFAL-EWM will develop a transportation model that ensures the safe and secure transport of all waste.

ALANFAL-EWM can assist with a cost-effective waste transportation program and ensures compliance during every step of waste handling, transportation, and disposal. Companies can also examine our fleet of transportation and disposal vehicles to verify that we can meet the needs of the business. Our bespoke solution meets the exact needs of our customers for waste transportation.

Sewage Treatment Plants

We provide complete sewage treatment solutions, including design, build, and operational maintenance. ALANFAL-EWM continues to test, adopt, and supply the latest techno-commercially viable technologies to afford companies a cost-effective sewage treatment solution.

Our customized sewage treatment solutions that we offer to corporate customers include:

● Design and engineering, build and installation, and integration and maintenance of the sewage treatment facility

● Sewage treatment plant design and construction for industrial plants, hospitals, hotels, and commercial properties

We partner with a global network of wastewater treatment suppliers to ensure we provide an efficient, innovative, and sustainable solution. ALANFAL-EWM remains a leading provider of sewage treatment plant design and builds services in Iraq. We offer high-quality solutions that ensure facilities can protect the groundwater from contaminants found in wastewater systems.

Waste Incineration Systems

Waste destruction and incineration solutions designed for general industrial and municipal waste are available from ALANFAL-EWM. With a range of standard incinerators and auxiliary equipment, ALANFAL-EWM can provide any type of waste destruction system, including design and custom-built facilities. Our team of engineers can develop an end-to-end, waste management, and destruction solution for any project or plant.

ALANFAL-EWM works with projects to:

● Understand the current challenges and develop an integrated program from source to disposal

● Provide installation, commissioning, and servicing for all systems and equipment

● Supply manually or automatically fed incinerators via auto-feeders or bin tippler systems

Our incinerators comply with local and European Union environmental standards. For all types of waste incineration or disposal, ALANFAL-EWM can provide a sustainable system.

Waste Management Plans and Strategies

To ensure compliance with local waste regulations and international standards, ALANFAL-EWM can assist project teams with an integrated waste management strategy. We will assist by evaluating the current plan, recommending the necessary changes, and implementing all required controls.

ALANFAL-EWM will boost your environmental credibility by:

● Implementing monitoring systems for the entire waste stream and gathering all necessary data

● Developing a comprehensive strategy by setting achievable goals for the project team

● Planning all waste management activities and implement the required systems

For any facility or project team, ALANFAL-EWM is ready to help design, build, and maintain an effective waste management system. Our team of experts will work with your project or facility to ensure we deliver according to the highest specification and service excellence.

Expert Procurement Processes

We understand what customers expect when they bring us onboard - exceptional services and a procurement process that does not impede any operational activity. This is exactly what we deliver on by helping companies realize cost savings and streamlining all procurement processes.

Our processes are aimed at upskilling internal procurement teams within the company, ensuring cost savings, reducing delays, and delivering greater value to businesses via increasing their presence in North America, Europe, and Middle Eastern Chemicals. Specializing in sourcing and supplying all kinds of chemical compounds used in oil and gas laboratories as well as waste treatment chemical supplies is also at the core of our procurement services.

For mechanical spares, we source spare parts for facilities. These include, but are not limited to, wastewater pumps, valves, and marts. Electrical components and consumables are also sourced for facilities and plants. This process is executed by our skilled specialists are obtaining the right component or compound, all while ensuring reduced lead times, providing exceptional quality, and taking into account cost savings.

Auditing Services

Our team provides expert analytical audits for companies, helping organizations to bridge the knowledge gap in waste management and facility design. ALANFAL-EWM has years of expertise and access to international specialists through a global network of partnerships. We can audit your waste management program to make sure that it meets international standards and comply with local regulations regarding waste disposal.

Contracting Servicesا

ALANFAL-EWM remains one of the leading environmental and waste management solution providers in Iraq. We provide complete, contracted solutions with end-to-end support for companies that need a waste management turnkey solution. We offer a comprehensive solution and a clear contractual agreement that will take care of all your environmental and waste management needs.

Trainings and Awareness

If you want to reduce waste management costs and demonstrate your commitment to protecting the environment, you need ISO 14001 certification. Implementing this global standard will also help your organisation comply with increasingly stringent environmental laws and regulations, as well as building trust with customers and other stakeholders. Our expert consultants can provide you with all the guidance and advice you need to develop compliant policies for your organisation.